Majestic Pool Service

Majestic Pool Service, Inc. Is a Naples based, family owned Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Business. We strive to provide high quality Services to Lee and Collier County residents.

We offer a comprehensive line of services to anticipate your needs and better service you. We always arrive on time, get professional results and stay on budget.

Pool Services

Pool Filters - Majestic Pool Repair Service Naples, FL

Repairs & Equipment

We are committed to provide customers with repairs and advice that are cost effective and will give them immediate results.

Commercial Pool Cleaning & Maintenance - Majestic Pool Service Naples, FL

Commercial Services

Regular testing of pool chemicals, pool cleaning, filter monitoring and cleaning to meet health department requirements.

Pool Refinish and Remodel - Majestic Pool Service Naples, FL

Refinish and Remodel

Three distinct levels of pool renovation, ranging from the most simple and inexpensive, to major overhauls.

Pool Cleaning Service - Majestic Pool Service Naples, FL

Maintenance Plans

We offer plans that involve all different levels of cleaning and can tailor the routine to fit your preferences or specific needs.

Natural Pool Stain Treatment | Citric Acid Wash - Majestic Pool Service Naples, FL

Acid Wash

Acid Wash is a natural stain pool treatment that will leave your pool looking like new for a small fraction of the cost.

Pool Supply Delivery services - Majestic Pool Service

Pool Supply Delivery

Low prices and FREE DELIVERY on all Pool Equipment and Supplies

Pool & Driveway Pressure Cleaning

Get old mold, algae, and stains off of  pool decks, patios, outdoor furniture, fences, home stucco,  sidewalks & driveways, roofs, siding, masonry gutters.

Give your home a ‘just painted look’ and maintain its value.

Deck Driveway Pressure Cleaning - Majestic Pool Service
Deck Driveway Pressure Cleaning - Majestic Pool Service

Free Pool Maintenance Consultation

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