01 Jan 2015

Why a heat pump is the best option for pool heating in Naples

Keep it warm with a heat pump!!!

We offer almost any heat pump brand available and can install them for as little as $2999.00.

The advantages of a heat pump over liquid propane or natural gas is considerable.  People often avoid heat pumps because of their reputation for being slow or unreliable in colder weather.

If you are fitted with the appropriate size heat pump (for the amount of water) and if you have it installed by a licensed contractor, such as Majestic Pool Service, you will be pleased with the results.  Heat pumps often do not perform because of factors unrelated to their specific make and model.  For example, the flow rate that you get from your current pump and filter, along with time of day that you are trying to run the equipment, can often make a big difference in how long your heat pump has to run or how long it will take to increase the pool temperature a certain amount.

You will always be able to get a gas heater with a higher BTU output, but the cost of the propane or natural gas used will far outweigh the cost in electricity that you will incur with a heat pump.

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