Pool Heaters

Majestic Pool Service, Inc. offers Gas and Electric Pool Heaters in a variety of sizes to match your pool heating needs.

We match or beat any written bid from any installer of the same make and model heat pump!!!

We recommend two options for heating your pool.  Electric Heat Pumps or Propane/Natural Gas Heaters

We do not install or recommend solar heating, unless it is supplemented by one of the options below.

Electric Heat Pumps

GulfStream - Majestic Pool Service Naples, FL

We recommend GulfStream pool heaters, unless our customers request something different.

Heat Pumps we recommend

We recommend GulfStream over any other make and model. But we also can install virtually any other brand.

GulfStream Heat Pumps

GulfStream Pool Heater- Majestic Pool Service Naples, FL

Q. What do I need for an electric heat pump to be installed at my home?

A. We need at least 50 AMPs of available electricity at your pool
equipment subpanel. We also need a 5×5’ area adjacent to your current
equipment to set the heat pump. We provide portable concrete pads, if they
are necessary, at no extra charge. Electrical upgrades can be made at an
additional charge.

Propane/Natural Gas Heaters:

Pentair/Sta-Rite Maxetherm series

Pool Gas Heater - Majestic Pool Service

The utilities cost associated with propane, natural gas will be higher, but
the principal benefit is a faster heating process. This will only be an option,
of course, if you already have a propane or natural gas source run to your
pool equipment. These heaters will require a more frequent need for
service/repair, but the units themselves generally cost less, when
compared to electric heat pumps.

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