Pool & Deck Refinish and Remodel

Majestic Pool Service Inc. offers three distinct levels of pool renovation, ranging from the most simple and inexpensive, to major overhauls of everything from the deck and down.

Our distinct advantage is that we are able to give the homeowner the best advice on what NOT to do, given the hundreds of pools that we have seen age over the years in this climate. Many companies that specialize in pool construction only have no ability to do this and often sell the homeowner something that they later regret.

Pool Refinish Remodel - Majestic Pool Service Naples

Refinish / Re-Tile

Homeowners can choose from a wide variety of patterns to replace both their pool tile and pool finish all together. This process still only takes about 48 hours, and there is virtually no mess left behind. It can drastically effect the value of a pool that has become old and outdated.

Pool Plastic Surgery

It is amazing what we can do with an old pool, and it is even more amazing how it compares to the cost of constructing a new one. Pool Plastic surgery involves everything from laying new decks and coping, to repairing cracks, to replacing crumbling skimmers, main drains and light niches.

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Pool Deck Renovations

Looking for something unique that separates your home from all of the others? We specialize in using custom made materials and the best installers . If you are looking to do something besides the same old pavers and coping that you find everywhere else, this is the place to start looking. We can also expand the project to include an outdoor bar and kitchen, with a wide variety of countertops that will match.

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