Weekly Pool Maintenance Services

Pool Cleaning Maintenance Plan - Majestic Pool Service Naples, FL

Weekly Pool Service rates can vary from area to area, and always depend on the environment and size of the body of water.

No pool is too large or too small for us!!

Our monthly fee for weekly pool service for a pool or pool/spa combo, enclosed (in a screen enclosure or “cage”), varies depending on the pool size and assumes a “second” or “third” level cleaning routine, involving bi-weekly vacuuming and brushing of the bottom.

Weekly Maintenance Service Overview

  • All basic chemicals included
  • Cleaning of waterline tile and skimming of surface
  • Brushing of walls and flat surfaces

  • Vacuuming and brushing of bottom (according to plan/price)
  • Cleaning/backwashing of filter

Pool Filter Cleaning Service - Majestic Pool Filter Service Naples, FL

We offer plans that involve all different levels of cleaning and can tailor the routine to fit your preferences or specific needs.

***All open pools (no cage) or pools surrounded by any permanent landscaping or and pools exceeding 20,000 gallons, are subject to individual pricing. An estimate can be given with 24 hours notice, free of charge.

Pool Recovery & Cleanup - Majestic Pool Service

From chlorine pool shock to full pool recovery cleanup, we have the equipment and expertise to handle everything.

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