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Filters should run 8-12 hours in the spring and summer, and 6-10 in the fall and winter depending on filter type, filter size, pool flow rate, bather load, maintenance routine, and chemical balance. DE filters are the most efficient followed by cartridge and sand. The pool should turn over 2 times (at least) per day in the hottest months, so your pump capacity, the plumbing and any flow restrictions also effect run time decisions. Our supervisors and field technicians are trained to set time clocks to reflect what the pool demands and also consider the season and our past experience with the pool as well.

Here is the formula: Length * Width * Average Depth * Multiplier = Gallons

For a rectangle, square, or free-form pool, the multiplier = 7.5 For a round or oval pool: multiplier = 5.9

Example: A free-form, 14×28’ pool, with an average depth of 6 feet is 17,640 gallons.

A pool’s circulation system is designed to utilize both a skimmer (drawing water from the surface) and a main drain (drawing water from the deepest part of the pool). When we utilize the skimmer for an automatic pool cleaner, we eliminate the surface suction in most cases. This allows debris to hit the surface and stay there until it gets water logged and sinks, before the automatic pool cleaner can pick it up. If you feel comfortable removing and reinstalling the automatic pool cleaner, it should only be run as needed in a pool, allowing the pools skimmer to do it job the rest of the time. It will also cut down on the wear and tear and make your pool cleaner last longer.

If you don’t have an automated system, this is a worthwhile upgrade. We want you to enjoy your spa, and it should not be work! We can install a pool automation system so your pool switches from pool mode to spa mode and back with the touch of one button. Today’s technology allows systems sophisticated enough that you can call your spa and have it turn on! You should not own a spa combination without automation, because no one wants to hunt around in the dark to switch valves after you have finished relaxing in the spa.

Even if you already have an automated system, there have been many improvements in technology over the recent years, and there is always a better option for installation, when replacing an old system.

Yes we do! Click “Repairs and Equipment”, we have a full time staff devoted to fixing and replacing pool/spa systems and equipment.

Yes, and we recommend them to improve the quality of your swimming experience.

We offer several different options.

See “Salt/Chlorine Generators”

Yes we do. And you should always make sure that the person maintaining such a pool understands the differences from concrete/plaster.

MANY things.

1. Poorly maintained decks (unwashed pavers).

2. Potted plants left near the pool edge, or any permanent landscaping that is overgrown.

3. Allowing pets to swim in the pool.

(These are the 3 most common means of pool contamination and can make weekly service ineffective).

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