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It’s amazing what an old finish can look like with just a simple drain and clean, whether it be a full acid wash or a chlorine wash. This process only took 3 days, from the initial drain to the time the water was re-balanced and ready to swim. All for a small fraction of the cost of a new finish.

Metal stains, scale or stains from hard water, and stains from organics or locked-in algae are all eyesores that you don’t have to accept.

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This involves draining the pool and physically cleaning the finish with an acid/water mixture. This is recommended for customers that simply want to make their pool look “like new” but are happy with their current materials and do not need any structural changes or repairs. Many homeowners are unaware of how incredible the results of an acid wash can be, and are amazed by the results.

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Acid Wash 

Pool Natural, Water In Stain Treatment

Many homeowners assume that the only alternative to their ugly looking finish is to drain the pool.  We have made many pool finishes look like new again without draining the pool at all.

A “citric acid bath” or “no drain acid wash” will work in many cases. Especially for:

  1.  Organic Stains. Brownish in color and caused by the nutrients from organic debris, including plant droppings, soil and fertilizer.
  2. Metal Stains. Copper from old heaters or iron from metal pump housings

Depending on the specific treatment used and the severity and nature of the stains, this process can take anywhere from 3 days to a full week, but the results are worth it, since you avoid the cost of water and sewer associated with draining your pool.  You also avoid putting your pool finish through the trauma of  an actual acid wash.

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